Imagine a near future where media influencers are sent to an internment camp. This episode was made in collaboration with Benjamen Walker, and part 2 is available now on his podcast Theory of Everything. Featuring Michael Delisle, Ann Carr, T.J. Mannix, Michael Cullen, Chris McKinney, Will Quinn, Becca Schall, Louis Kornfeld, Chris Kipiniak, and Kerry Kastin. Written by Benjamen Walker, with help from Louis Kornfeld. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

Part two can be heard on Theory of Everything. This is our contribution to Radiotopia's Doing Time series, to mark the arrival of the new Radiotopia podcast Earhustle.



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Doc, Penny, and Jojo are trapped in a cell in Obscurity. How will they ever save the Songoverse from in there? Written by Jonathan Mann, Jonathan Mitchell, and Joshua Perillo, with songs by Jonathan Mann. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

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Doc, Penny, and Jojo learn what it's really like to live in Obscurity. With Jonathan Mann, Elena Skopetos, Bianca Casusol, Tom Ligon, Livia Scott, and Nikiya Mathis. Written by Jonathan Mann & Joshua Perillo, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

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Doc, Penny, and Jojo have found the elusive music journalist Gina Staxx. But will she help them save the Songoverse? Written by Joshua Perillo, with songs by Jonathan Mann. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

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The voice of a cartoon boy takes a shot at live action. Starring Erica Schroeder as Betsy and Happy Louie. With Brian Dykstra, Marc Thompson, Justin Morgan, Rosie Whalen, Susan J. Jacks, Chris Kipiniak, Lorena Russi, Eric Molinsky, Kerry Kastin, Asher Herbstman, and Rob Webber. Written by Eric Molinsky (of the Imaginary Worlds podcast) and produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

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On the island of Thassos grows a very rare variety of the Lotus flower, Nymphaea Anamnesis. If you drink its extract, whatever you say or do for ten minutes after drinking it, you won’t remember. It's kind of like Snapchat but "in life". On this episode we’ll meet a group of friends who partake in the Lotus extract. Written by Jaymes Jorsling, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

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What will they find? Performed by Rebecca Robles and Louis Kornfeld. Story by Louis Kornfeld, produced by Jonathan Mitchell. Recorded on location in New York City.

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A subway ride becomes divinely dangerous. With Joanna Hausmann as Alice and T.J. Mannix as God. Written by Sarah Siskind with Louis Kornfeld, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell. 

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A submarine crew goes deeper than they thought possible. Written by Louis Kornfeld and Chris Kipiniak. Performed by Gregory Jones, Chris McKinney, Russell G. Jones, Billy Griffin Jr., Reynaldo Piniella, and Michael Cullen. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

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The latest developments from the Laboratory for Innovation and Acoustic Research (L.I.A.R.), and a couple goes in search of childhood memories. With Gregory Whitehead, Ed Herbstman, Lauren Ashley Smith, and Louis Kornfeld.

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