A girl is lost and can't find her mom. Why won't anyone help her? Performed by Bee Herbstman, Melanie Hoopes, Ed Herbstman, Evan Sudarsky Abadi, Gregory C. Jones, and Blanche Ames. Written by Diana McCorry, Produced by  Jonathan Mitchell. http://thetruthpodcast.com

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Two pieces by legendary producer Joe Frank: Rent-a-Family and Fragments for Mixed Voices. These originally aired on his show Work In Progress, which aired on KCRW from 1986 to 1992. You can learn more about Joe Frank on his website, joefrank.com

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Hoping the dream date never ends... until it doesn’t. Performed by Adam Wade, Chrissie Gruebel, and Dan Fairall. Written by Alejandro Kolleeny, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell. http://www.thetruthpodcast.com

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A hoarder's daughter digs through the past. Performed by Amy Warren, Armando Diaz, Jackie Hoffman, Louis Kornfeld, and Noel Dinneen. Written by Louis Kornfeld, produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

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An accidental love story. Performed by Chet Siegel and Peter McNerney, with Willy Appelman, Louis Kornfeld, Lauren Ashley Smith, Sebastian Conelli, Quinton Loder, Jon Bander, and Kim Ferguson. Written by Chet Siegel, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

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Who knows... maybe it's true. Written by Diane McCorry. Performed by Phoebe Tyers and Dennis Pacheco, with Nick Mykins, T.J. Mannix, and Chris Dwane. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

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